A High of Zero

A High of Zero - Poems to the Twelve Months

Herbert F. Hopkins

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A High of Zero, Poetry to the Twelve Months is the first published work by Herbert F. Hopkins. The original book with hand-carved covers, illuminated by B.W. Chubbs and bound by Tara Bryan was purchased by the National Library and now resides in the National Book Preservation Centre in Gatineau, Quebec. Subsequently, one hundred and fifty leather bound copies were produced and sold out. That was eight years ago. As a celebration of his sixtieth birthday, the author produced an additional sixty books. They too sold out. Words and Wood is now offering an offset printed edition of "A High of Zero." ©2007

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Available Fall 2018

What People Say

"Wow, Wow, Wow! What a unique masterful, stirring piece of work. It is one of my treasures. . . Every time I revisit it, there is something new for me, a phrase that has many meanings or a piece of imagery so rich. The writing is splendid, but the book itself is a piece of art. The script, the Latin at the intro, the deep passionate colours on pages. One can feel Hopkins' lifeblood beating through each word. Brilliant!"

Bernadette Collinette

"A High of Zero is a delight for both the soul and the eyes."

Mary MacDonald