The Book of Luke

The Book of Luke -

Herbert F. Hopkins
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As the friction between St. John`s poet environmentalist, Luke Delaney and ACOM oil executive Nathan Brophy escalates, Angéline LeBlanc, a Cajun beauty with a curious past kindles one fire while dousing another. Between hurricanes, nor'easters and revolving doors, the cast begins unraveling and all seems lost. But in the story`s wild waterways, the unlikely hero remains buoyant, bobbing along, hoping to save the City of Dreams from the gravity of deception and greed.© 2010

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The Book of Luke

What People Say

"Loved this Book. A first novel by retired teacher and published poet Herbert Hopkins, that takes place in St. John's, Newfoundland, which pits environmentalism against big oil and dumb luck against cold calculation, all the while extolling the virtues of friends and family, with all the associated joy, tragedy, strength, fragility and laughter that makes our lives what they are."

Robert Campbell - Goodreads

"The Book of Luke" is the first novel from Herbert Hopkins, and it has wit, energy and a lively and engrained sense of place."

The Telegram