Temperance Street

Temperance Street

Herbert F. Hopkins
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It's July 2nd, 1992, the Newfoundland cod fishery and the the Roman Catholic church are imploding under the weight of unfathomable abuse. Luke Delaney, a bookish boy and his brazen best buddy, Mikey Ryan set out from the Outer Battery to climb the Salt Mountains. And to bear witness to the end of a way of life. As one man said, "Everyone was so busy blaming everyone else, that they forgot to look in the mirror." © 2014

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Temperance Street

What People Say

"Hopkins' fertile magination is on every page of Temperance Street."

Burton K. Janes The Compass

"The characters become true identies with such depth and reality, it's hard to admit to their lack of existance . . . an honest, deep and entertaining novel of loss and decption. Temperance Street reminds us of who we are as Newfoundlanders through amazing descriptions and flawless dialogue."

Lisa Hartman Tint of Ink